What do Instagram impressions from home mean? All that and more to boost your Insta reach

You’re not getting the Instagram engagement you want, you’re not getting the followers you need, you’re sick of posting and literally nothing happens. You start to wonder what the point is, never mind when are you going to make any sales.

So you turn to Google or Facebook Groups. Julie over in that group tells you to use these 30 hashtags, post on Tuesday, under a new moon with 3.6 hashtags in the comment and the other 26.4 in the first comment. Then stand on your head, spin around twice and boom you’ll have engagement.

Only you don’t. Still not getting the results you want.

This, my friend, is because your account is not Julie’s account. Your niche, content, account, schedule are different, as are you. So instead of simply copying someone else and hoping for the best, here’s what to do.

Track your stats

First of all we need to understand what’s going on with your posts. I want you to post as normal, then after a set amount of time, say 3 days, go look at the insights of each post. (View the post and click insights, bottom left – then slide it up to see more). You need to check the stats the same amount of time after you posted each time you post otherwise you’re not comparing apples with apples as they say. Note down the following stats;

  • number of likes
  • number of comments
  • number of shares
  • number of saves
  • actions taken from post
  • reach
  • impressions from home
  • impressions from hashtag
  • impressions from profile

Feel free to use my free tracker to help you do this.

Now we analyse..

Take a look at your stats across at least 3 or 4 posts so you can see how they’re doing, what numbers have increased, what’s gone down.

Get to know what’s normal or average for your account, and make a note of this.

Then use my Instagram analytics tool here. This will analyse each post for you individually and tell you how it’s performed, what to use in future posts, and what not to.

Understanding the different components

The tool will also show you this, and you’ll be able to understand and apply it to specific posts, but if you click here it also explains how to translate your individual post analytics. In knowing this information you won’t have to rely on Julie in that Facebook group to tell you exactly what to do, you’ll be empowered and be the master of your own Instagram account.