A complete program for confidence and clarity in gaining customers (to achieve a full time business within THREE months)

I'll give you everything you need to make smart, confident decisions about your business, from branding like a pro to converting followers to customers - and a detailed (yet simple and efficient) plan to get it all done!


I know how you feel...

You have a business that you really want to work, but you aren't getting as many paying customers as you need, therefore you aren't making money you want. It makes being in business kind of hard right?

You feel frustrated that all your work and effort aren't resulting in actual customers or clients. You feel confused about what you should actually be doing in business to get the end result you want. I get that you feel disappointed it's not working out. You feel stressed as its financially very difficult right now! I hear you. I know because I've been there.

blogging for money

It's kinda nice to just have someone show you what to do

Okay so here's the plan. You are great at what ever you do, Whether your a coach or a crafter, you know your art and you're damn good at it. So now you take your passion and we apply my methods to kick start your profits. 12 weeks of developing strategies that will last a life time. From your heart to hashtags you'll need for nothing, its a complete program. You'll know what to post on social media, how to launch pretty much anything and how to get paying customers who are happy to be using your business.

You will feel clear on what you need to do to get customers. Imagine feeling happy because the business is working and relaxed because income is coming in. You feel so confident because you can see the flow of customers coming into the business on a daily basis.

A 12 week online program that takes you from confused, stressed and frustrated to... one happy lady who knows what she's supposed to be doing and when!

  • You're fed up of not knowing what to post on social media to make an actual difference to your sales
  • You're unclear on how to find actual paying customers who want to buy from you
  • If some one asks you what you do, you give some sort of hazy rambling answer as you're not even sure yourself any more
  • You wonder if something is a problem, you Google it, then spend the next three days lost in Google and you feel like you have to change your whole approach
  • If you did ALL the things you're told you SHOULD do for your business to work it'd take you approximately 37 hours per day.

Let me share a secret... they all made it harder to make more money from you.

Let's be clear. Yes you need to work hard, especially at first, in a new business, or one that you are trying to turn around. But does the plan need to be difficult? Complicated.



What if there was simple plan, that covered the whole of the business, that you followed step by step. That got you more customers... and therefore more profit.

“Business is a flow. From your heart to your hashtags - they all interlink. It's not complicated to grow the business when you understand the flow”

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I gained more clients

Hannah was there at a time when I really needed some direction and support with my business. She helped me uncover my target audience and implement successful strategies to gain more clients.

Megan Airey - 

Personal Stylist and Coach

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After completing Hannah's program , my Instagram grew from 270 to 2700. The relationship with my followers is so good that my profits are 4 times what they were! All this in 4 months! 

Jenny Evans -
Handmade Business Owner


Hannah was fantastic during our program in January this year. She knows her stuff and how to share it to benefit others! Thanks Hannah!

Jackie Cassidy -
Craft Business Owner

"What I'm doing is different to other online business coaching programs because I'm there for you..."

Live support when you need it from me and a community...

Unlike other online courses I don't just dump a load of PDFs on you and run. You have direct access to me and my brain via the Facebook group. I'm in there to answer your questions, there are live sessions, extra training and special guests all in addition to the Profit Kick Start program. It's a dedicated group, only available to people on the program (no rif raf in there!!) so you can benefit from the support of people who are going through or have been through what you have been through!

And you get a lifetime membership!! This means you benefit from any updates to the program as well!

What you'll actually get...

You need to know exactly how your business will benefit from the program - that's fair!

  •   Branding 1. This goes beyond a few nice colours. We investigate your purpose in the world and how you make a difference. Why are you unique? We go beyond you have a pretty logo. We get so deep into your brand you literally breathe it! It's time you felt and showed the world your passion for your business.
  •   Content 2. We're not just talking social media here. We're talking an in-depth content plan to have the very furthest reaches of the globe know of your existence. You need to know what to say and how to say it and where to say it to make the most impact and turn strangers to followers to customers. Get confident with your content.
  •   Social Media 3. This plays a huge role in any small business. Learn how to use social media quickly and easily to accompany your business as the perfect extension. No more hours wasted on social media. We even cover Pinterest! (it's way more simple than they'd have you believe!). We will have you feeling at ease and clear on your social media strategy.
  •   Email Marketing 4. It's important to understand that social media is just an extension of your business, and it shouldn't be what your entire business relies on. The dreaded algorithm could kick in and really hurt your business. Or worst still, imagine if Facebook or Instagram disappeared over night! How would your business do? This is just one reason we master email marketing. I'll reveal more about why email marketing is one of the most essential strategies your business can have (and we grow that damn email list as well!)
  •   Launch & Evergreen Strategies 5. We either want to give a product a God almighty boost, or we want it to be continuously selling. We'll cover the exact strategies you need to make sure your products and services make the impact they deserve (and you sell A LOT - no more frustration at lots of effort for no return!)
  •   Planning tools 6. To create a flow through your business, so you know exactly what to do and when I provide invaluable tools to manage your business. From your to do list through to your finances. I have you covered. No more stress or feeling unorganised or scattered.
  •   Live support 7. Via the Facebook group you get direct access to me and a community to support you and for even more learning and resources! No more feeling lost or wondering! I'll be there to support you through the Kick Start Profit program and offer you personalised help and assistance!

Are you ready to make an investment in yourself and your business that will last a lifetime?