Alignment Coaching

Juliane is a life coach from Berlin. She runs a life coaching business based online.

During our intensive session, we worked on a simple clear strategy for launching her new services.

This started with base work with her audience, and we then developed a bespoke launch strategy.

This was a date based list of tasks that would be required to give her a successful launch that would result in immediate bookings.

It’s essential to consider launch strategies to ensure your new products or services don’t fall flat upon launch.


Following the session, Juliane commented;

I felt very clear about which steps to take and confident to take them. 

I felt competently served. For one- in this case 2 hours- you provided me with a lot of great info and service and gave me a clear outlook on what to do next.

You managed to explain very well, why certain things- like the ideal client exercise- is necessary and with all of the session together I feel inspired and fired up to keep and get going. I knew pretty much all the things before, but now I understand them better and can see, how to put them into action. 

I really appreciated the feedback on the website and the IG and have such a better understanding of how to work things out and get clear and engaging messages across.

While naturally everybody has a different take on things, and someone else might have told me something different, or the opposite even, this was what I wanted and needed. I feel supported- I was praying for that (literally!). 

You made me aware where my content is hiding and it will be easier now for me to see it and bring it out. 

We went through all the topics I noted when signing up !! 

I am excited for the weeks ahead and it feels joyful and easy to swing in there and get to work.

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