My top strategy for getting social media sales with 5 bonus tips

Everything I learnt about sales I learnt from my mother. AKA saleswoman extraordinaire. There is nothing my mother cannot sell. She even successfully sold doubled glazed windows for a few years. And there was one things she taught me.

“A desperate sales person never sells”

Let’s unpick that. What’s making you desperate? Well it could be because you really need/want the money so you want the product to sell. You could be frustrated with your marketing efforts not reaping any sales. So you post your product all over your social media. You ask people to buy it. Still nothing. And the desperation to break through the “no sales” wall begins.

It’s not just the desperation putting people off. It’s the direct method of asking straight for a sale without nurturing any sort of relationship. You have to work people up towards the sale a smidge at a time…


Start small

We do this by asking for commitments from people. We begin by asking for the smallest commitment possible at first. For example, ask them to read one of your really good blog posts. Give them a ton of value! (Like this post obviously!!) If you don’t have a blog, write a mini blog post on social media and encourage people to read that. You can even share the link to specific posts to distribute them.

Then start working up

Once we have had that first commitment from them, we go to second base level commitment. Give them your freebie (lead magnet)…. And get an email address…! So you’re asking them for a little bit of info in exchange for something of value. They now have to part with their email address. They’re giving something, but they’re comfortable with it. It’s not costing them and they’re getting something good in return. It’s all cool right!

In addition, that thing of value is a representation of your business and will help them to see what you do, what your style is and if you’re someone they want to see more from. (More about how to create the perfect email list building lead magnet in my Profit Kick Start program)

Is it now time to sell?

Time now to go in for the kill… The big sell… NO!!! Not yet!! Hold your horses there Susan! Now you’re going to drip feed them value value value via email ideally – but if email marketing isn’t an option, maybe try a challenge on social media.

You’re going to give them so much they’re like “I cannot believe how much this business has helped/entertained me!”

Now it’s time!

Now! This is not a drill!! SELL! Now we offer them the end product. Ask them if they found value in what you’ve been giving/doing and if so check out your….. Super duper offering!!!

You have worked them up bit by bit to the big commitment. They’ve developed trust in your business. A relationship has formed. There’s a few extra ways to really help seal the deal.

  1. Get them to comment on blog posts or social media and have a little chat with them
  2. Get then to reply to your emails, then have a genuine conversation. This will help develop the conversation
  3. Add in more steps working slowly towards more and more commitment. You could get them to sign up for more freebies, or even get them to purchase a small value item.
  4. Use targeted campaigns. If you are a hairdresser lets say and the person signs up for a guide on How to Look After Blonde hair, it’s likely they are blonde. If you send them more value propositions designed for blonde hair then this is really going to appeal to them. More so than a generic hair colour guide.
  5. Add in an upsell button in the final process. People are already in the right frame of mind to purchase. They already have their credit card in hand. Now is the time to let them upgrade to the premium level, or add on those extras. Don’t forget to use your upsell!!

Would a checklist be helpful for you to be able to follow this process through and to serve as a prompt?

Well here you go!

click here for free checklist

I hope you found this article useful and you will put it into practice in your business. If you want help creating lead magnets that make a big difference to email list numbers, or how this funnel strategy would work in your business, get support, strategies and help in my Profit Kick Start program. It’s a complete program for confidence and clarity in gaining customers (to achieve a full time business within THREE months).