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Don’t be a Spammy Pammy when marketing your business

People tend to either do too much marketing or too little. And both of these will hurt your business. Too little marketing and you’re not going to get the exposure you need. (Read more about this here.) Too much marketing and you’ll be marked down as a Spammy Pammy.

You must have seen them. You’re scrolling social media, and there’s that person who literally dominates your feed. Post after post. If in the main this posts aren’t particularly interesting or of value you end up switching off. You get numb to them. They may as well not be there. That’s not good news for your business.

The bottom line is you won’t be getting customers or clients at the rate you want. Plus you’re working so hard at getting all this content out there! This leave you in a position of doing a lot of work, with not a lot of return.

How to strike a happy medium

  1. You want to consider where you are putting your content. For example it’s perfectly fine to Tweet 10 times per day. It’s encouraged to help grow your Twitter and get business exposure in fact! But to post 10 times a day on Instagram. God no. The algorithm would literally explode! Your followers may not just unfollow, they may leave Instagram altogether. Okay slight exaggeration, but you catch my drift!
  2. Then consider using different formats if possible. Instagram is a little difficult as it’s pretty standard, although you could go between story, an image in the feed or a video in the feed. Facebook and Twitter allow for a little more variety with polls and the like. Mix it up a little.
  3. Think the three E’s. Entertain, empower, educate. I pinched this from Amy Porterfield, who I believe nicked it from Tony Robbins. Not sure where he got it from! But all your content should do one of those three. If you can slot your brand message in there as well you’re onto a winner.

Use your content wisely

If you are on a content creation winning streak, go with the flow. Create as much content as possible whilst you feel inspired. But don’t put it all out there at once. Use schedulers, such as Unsocialise for Instagram (thank you Jesus for this one!). You can usually schedule your blog posts. Use Twitter and Facebook’s in house schedulers for that content. If you can’t use a scheduler then leave it in draft mode and set a calendar notification. Don’t waste great content by flooding it out there all in one go.

The other reason it’s good to schedule is to cover you whilst you have a day off, or if you are off sick, it means you can actually take time off without it affecting your business too much.

Don’t over email either

I don’t know about you, but I’m super-paranoid about emailing too much. There’s nothing worse than signing up for a great freebie that you really enjoy, then getting a barrage of relentless emails trying to on board you onto the premium product! That’s an awful spammy tactic. It may have used to have worked, but I personally think it’s outdated and we have to be far more considerate and careful now. Being a spammer is going to have people leaving your email list for fun.

Don’t over-egg the content pudding. You risk putting your customers off and losing them as loyal brand followers rather than gaining them as a customer. If this content has been of use, and you’d like to know more about how getting the content and marketing right for your business can set a solid foundation that allows profits to grow, take a look at my Profit Kick Start program.