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Instagram Top 9 – Want to Actually Rank?

Many people are baffled by the way Instagram ranks posts and how they end up showing at the top 9 posts for a particular hashtag. Nobody knows exactly how the Instagram algorithm works, and Instagram changes it constantly to adapt to new trends and provide better search results. Sure, nobody can crack the code but there are ways to come close.

In this post, I will show you a few simple hacks in order to land your post in the Instagram top 9. But first, let me quickly explain what the Instagram top 9 is and why it’s useful for Instagram influencers and small businesses on Instagram.

What is Instagram Top 9?

Just as Twitter has its trending topics shown to its users, Instagram has a similar feature and shows trending posts when you search for a hashtag. The Instagram top 9 posts are the first 9 posts immediately shown to users when they search for a specific hashtag.

So you probably are asking, what’s the relevance of ranking in the top 9? Well, the major advantage of this is that your post is shown to a wider audience. It’s a bit like on Google where everyone wants to be on the first page. This is the equivalent of that. And, you guessed it, you could significantly boost your following, growing the reach of your business on Instagram. Also, if your posts constantly rank in the top 9 the chances of you getting tapped by brands and companies to endorse their products will increase.

Instagram Top Nine Search Results

Instagram Top Nine Search Results for #startuplifestyle

Useful Hacks to Land in the Instagram Top 9


Write Longer Captions

One of the factors that affect how Instagram posts perform overall is the “time spent” on the post by users. Instagram’s algorithm will more than likely rank your posts higher if you get users to spend more time on it. Writing long captions achieves this.

Pick the Appropriate Hashtag

Choosing the right hashtag for your post could mean increased engagement. Understanding what hashtags people more often search about and use is essential to this step. The general idea is to avoid hashtags that have more than 1 million posts because it’s more difficult to rank on those. The smaller the number of posts the easier it is to rank. Hashtags really help with discovery and growth, so always use them on content you create.

Reply to Comments and DMs

One criterion Instagram uses for their ranking system is the level of engagement a post generates. The more comments, DMs, shares and likes a post gets, the greater the chances it will be ranked higher by the Instagram algorithm. So reply to your comments and DMs and encourage your followers to share your post. People will get used to you interacting and will be more likely to do it in the future,

Post When your Audience is Active

Posting content when your followers are most active is a sure fire way to increase engagement. When you post during times when your audience is most active, you’re basically ensuring that more people are going to see it and this greatly improves the engagement on that post. Again, the more engagement (and we believe the algorithm favours engagement in the first hour) the more likely the algorithm will rank your post as high quality and place it in a higher spot.


Creating high ranking posts on Instagram is easy if you have a fundamental grasp of how the algorithm works. Although nobody really knows how the algorithm works, if you use these hacks on every post you create, then you’ll stand a chance of getting in the top 9.

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