Instagram Post Analytics Tool

What's the tool for?

This tool is to analyse one individual post and tell you what's working, what's not and how to improve with actionable tips.


You will need to have a business profile to access insights.

You can use the tool at any time, but knowing what's normal for your account will improve accuracy.

Use this free tracker

I recommend tracking stats over about 7 posts to find out what your average stats are. Download the free spreadsheet below to help with this.

Make sure you wait the same amount of time after posting to track your stats - for example always note down stats 72 hours after posting.

How to use the tool

You can use the tool whenever you like, having your average stats will just help with accuracy.

Pull up your insights (bottom left under each post) and answer the questions. Record likes, comments, shares, saves, actions taken from post, reach, impressions from home, impressions from hashtags and impressions from profile.