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Let's get Instagram working for your business

ANd I promise I won't waste your time with spammy techniques you've seen a 1000 times before!

You need - engagement and sales

Instead you're spending two hours trying to come up with something witty and Instagrammable, sticking some hashtags on.. just because you think you should, hitting post and hoping for the best. Or maybe you just didn't even bother posting.

If you did post, you check back after a while. 7 likes. 0 comments. 0 leads/sales. Well, that was worth it!

What does it take to get success on Instagram?

I think it's actually pretty simple when you know how. All you need to do in concentrate on these four areas.....

  1. Setting the account up right in the first place. 
  2. Content that's working for your business
  3. Hashtags designed to attract customers (not follow unfollow people!!)
  4. Having a sales flow and strategy

Want to know how.....

blogging for money

Get your account set up for success

Okay... good news. Instagram actually wants us to succeed in the most part. We'll talk about the damn algorithm later! It gives us lots of in-built tools to use to get lots of followers, be recommended to users and to generate customers. Yet the vast majority of accounts I look at do not use most of these tools!!

So if you want to find out how to get your account to truly blossom and start gaining followers even when you don't post, I give you my Insta Business Bloom course!

It's everything you need and nothing you don't for just £17. Yep £17 to reach tons more customers. Why only £17? Well this is just the start, we're just unlocking the true potential of your account here. Next we look at.....

Content - so what the bloody hell do you post?

Hands up, most times when you post you're winging it! There's no plan that's for sure. You're posting what you think you should post, or you might have copied another account and you're simply hoping for the best. 

This about it this way; would you try to drive to a particular destination with no directions, no map, and no idea where you were going... or even how to drive. Then would you be surprised if you didn't make the destination?

You'd be bloody lucky if you did, that's what you'd be.

So if you have no idea what to post to get people to follow, like, comment or actually buy your stuff then you need Colossal Content. It's £67 and it's there to make sure you are never ever stuck for content, or a picture, or a story ever again.

And guess what. It's based on sound marketing principles so it's going to work any where in your business!

But wait. What about the pesky hashtags? Stick 30 on and hope for the best? Please god, don't do this, unless you want to gain and lose followers constantly and get no sales!!

blog for business

Oh heavenly hashtags!!

Let me guess, you've either

  • copied a competitors hashtags
  • googled them and/or used a generator
  • wing it and shove something that seems relevant in on each post
  • just don't even bother

Then you get

  • spam comments
  • people that follow you and unfollow you
  • only similar businesses following you  - not your customer...

Or even worse you're not showing up at all in search results?

It's your hashtags!

Hashtags are THE way to be found by the exact audience you want. Please let me help you with my Heart To Hashtag course! It's £47 to get a hashtag strategy that takes an hour or two to do, then lasts you months. If you do this with me you'll get more reach on each post from your actual customers, less follow unfollow, more genuine followers, and actual sales because your actual customers are seeing your actual god damn products!!

So we've got your account prepped, we're posting sh!t hot content and our hashtags are getting in front of your customers - job done?

Not quite. There's just a few more tricks up our sleeve that we can deploy to get maximum potential out of our Insta - and just wait until you see this bad boy go!! Grow and Flow is coming very soon to show you exactly how to grow your account and get more sales - it is due for release in May 2019!

"If you always put the same in, you'll always get the same out"

If you are ready to start getting customers from Instagram and to actually enjoying being on the platform, my courses are for you...

Want all three courses?

Course you do!!

Insta Business Bloom

Colossal Content

Heart To Hashtag

normally £131 - save £32 - yes seriously - we're just feeling generous!

Want to know exactly what you get?

  • Access to all 3 courses via my online course portal - login any time any place!
  • Get in the super duper private Facebook group for extra support
  • Access to my Insta Business Clinic (In FB Group) - let Dr Hannah take a look at your hard work and give you any prescriptions to make your Instagram really healthy!! (Disclaimer... I'm not an actual doctor...)
  • Discounts on future courses
  • Printables, videos and worksheets to help you through the course

Want to know exactly what you get?

So this is what you're going to get...

  • Access to all 3 courses via my online course portal - login any time any place
  • Printables, videos and worksheets to help you through the course
Annie Davies Artisan
Nicole tovey Small Business Owner
Val Robinson Handmade Crafting Business Owner


“This course has truly changed my way of thinking because it is so down to earth and inclusive, it has been a real joy to go through every step. Hannah's delivery of the course is so different from any other online courses I have tried and given up on after the first section. I think that is because of Hannah, her personality is infectious, she is relatable, down to earth and passionate. It feels like she is actually holding our hands through this and her goal is to help us succeed, it’s not just about making money”

Insta Business Bloom is a super efficient and worthwhile starter course

I took the Insta Business Bloom Course. A super efficient and worthwhile starter course for discovering the tips and tricks to making my IG page stand out. In particular, the tips to differentiate between user name and account name, the call to action and adding personality to the bio were really useful and I've already put them to work! Thanks Hannah!


“I followed Hannah's hashtag advice. Something I never really understood or thought would benefit my brand. HOW wrong could I be. The results speak for themselves. Happy to show anybody the results. 100% over the moon.”

Want a totally free Instagram audit to see which course would most suit you?

Join a like minded community

Beyond all the juicy stuff in the courses that's going to get you from Insta-sad to Insta-glad, you get to be part of #teamHLO - we wear our buns messy, take our tea hot and we fiercely support each other!

So join my messy bun clan and be with other people in the same position as you. You're not alone with the drops in engagement, follow unfollow and all of that stuff - we're in it together.

Plus you get direct access to me!

I'm happy to give your Insta the once over when you need it, answer questions, support you and drop any important Insta updates you need to be aware of!

Look you just need sales...

and you need them easy in a non time consuming, and preferably fun kinda way! I know Instagram can do that for your business when it's done right.

I've done it for countless businesses and I want to do it for yours!!

  •   Easy to follow in bite size chunks - Tried and tested on 60+ sleep deprived mamas - I've made sure these bad boys work!
  •   Quick results - What I love about Instagram is how quickly you can see results happen. I show you ways to get quick wins!
  •   Easy & fun -  You need customers for your business to survive so let's get them you in an easy and fun way... because why would you want it any different?!

Before and immediately after working on hashtags with 

Heart To Hashtag

Can I be honest with you...

You know those sales pages where they try to get you to buy because time is running out... and they give you a timer counting down....yeah I hate those. Or like here is £500 of bonuses if you buy RIGHT NOW. And they value a Facebook group at like £99 or something - like where did you pluck that from??

So let me be honest. I rounded my course down to £97 from £131, because all my prices end in a £7. So my OCD (imaginary not actually diagnosed) said let's round it down to £127. But that's like when people tip 10p - it's just insulting.

So I figured £97 worked well.

I'm not going to insult your intelligence by offering you bonuses or telling you this offer will expire in 4 seconds if you DO NOT buy now.

Instead let me tell you these courses work. I'm not offering a pile of bonuses because I've put them all in there already. No one has to miss out then. I have 70+ people on my courses who all agree - I know because I asked them! I have seen their results. I do not feel the need to force you to buy from me using spammy tactics!

In fact I refuse and I openly reject using these tactics!! Let's do things differently!

If you want results from your Instagram these courses will get you that.... the rest is down to you!

Get instant access now to all three

Insta Business courses

+ VIP Group

not for £131


let's just round it down and call it £97 between friends!!