How to set your Instagram up for success

I love Instagram for my business. I think it’s a great way to connect with people and send out your business message across the world. Did you know you can have your Instagram performing for you whilst you’re not even posting though! Here’s how to set your Instagram up for success.

Your Instagram Username

If you are a business with it’s own name, you’ll more than likely just have this as your business name. This is fine as if people are searching for your business directly it will mean they can find you.

If your business is under your own name for example “Hannah Louise” you may want to tag on what you do, for example @hannahlouisebusinesscoach.

This is because it’s searchable in terms of keywords. If someone searched “business coach” it could bring you up in these results.

The name on your Instagram account

You can really use the name to your advantage. Again it can bring you up in search results. If you have your business name as your username/handle you can use this space to give more info. For example,

username – @thebigbluelifecoach
name – Joe Bloggs – London Life Coach

It tells people more about who you are – so you could give them your name. But you can also use the space to say more about what you do or where you’re based. If you are based in a particular place you can put the location in this section. If you are an online business with no particular location you could do it like this;

username – @thehappymamaliveshere
name – Hannah Louise – online mummy blogger

I’ve made these names up by the way and at the time of writing they didn’t belong to anyone – just random examples!

Your Instagram bio

Your bio does quite an important job. People will judge a book by it’s cover using this section. Sorry but it’s true! So we need to make sure you’re making the right impression. Fill it with emojis – it says your fun lighthearted and not taking yourself seriously. Are you a minimal brand – keep your words minimal and don’t have a cluttered bio.

Then consider what you write. Make sure your brand message is strong. Are you there to empower? Support? Encourage?

Don’t neglect your call to action. Put the link in – but give people a reason to click on it. Tell them “Want more help – click here”. Or if it’s your freebie “want my ten top tips for X – click below” You can put this at the end of your bio to encourage link clicks.

Your Instagram profile picture

Generally people like to see the person behind the feed, and stats show that faces do engage us more. However there’s also nothing wrong with using your logo here either. Either which way make sure its a clear picture that looks professional and reflects your brand. For example if you are a minimal style brand, have a monochrome logo. My branding has lots of plants in it (to symbolise growth of your business), so my picture is wearing a flowery top next to a bush!

Instagram stories and highlights

I love using the highlights as a way to communicate more about your brand. Think about words that would describe you and your brand and use them here. The covers can communicate a lot as well. Minimal brands, again keep this minimal. If you are fun and lighthearted go for colours here.

The highlights do even more than tell people about your brand. If you have something you want to draw peoples attention to it can go here. For example if you have a Facebook Group pop it in here. (Have you joined mine on that note?!)

Your Instagram feed

This is really a whole section on it’s own. So I’m going to approach the feed as a whole. Try to make sure your feed is branded and cohesive. Think about a colour palette and fonts. We want people to look at your feed and believe you have it together (whether you do or you don’t). If your feed is well considered it says your approach to business is the same. If you are scattered and inconsistent you are directly telling people this is how you are in your business.

I hope these tips get you started on your Instagram journey to selling more. Just think of your Instagram as your shop front. You have your sign and your window display. You want people to know what you’re about and if they would like to come in your shop. Set yourself up right and they will come and check you out. We then use our content in the feed and stories to create relationships with them and begin the selling process.