How to create the perfect lead magnet

Lead magnets or freebies are perfect for growing email lists and raising awareness about your business and products. It’s a great way for people to “sample” your business at little to no cost. You create something, people give you their email address. They get value, you get a way to contact them in future that doesn’t rely on a social media algorithm. What’s not to love. And you can’t take this step early enough in your business. You can do this before you’ve even refined your product, because then when you are ready to sell, your lead magnet will have grown your email list beautifully for you!

So folks, let’s get you a lead magnet that going to grow your email list and get people loving your business. This guide will work whether you sell physical products, services, or you’re a blogger.

Step 1: How will you help?

It’s really important to know your audience. What are their pain points? What are their challenges? Their goals? Write a list of everything your audience might be struggling with or might want to achieve, that your business or blog helps them with. For example;

Ikea sell practical yet mostly good looking furniture (we’ve all seen that God awful ugly thing we’d never buy!!) – their customer’s goal is to furnish their house in a stylish way but on a budget.

A mummy blog such as The Unlikely Mummy is there to support other mums in the journey of motherhood. The audience here is likely looking for support and experience. The reader’s challenges could include overwhelm and maybe loneliness. Maybe their friends have different parenting styles, so they want to seek out others with a similar style.

I need you to be very confident and clear about what your audiences goals and challenges are. You are then going to help them either

  • overcome a challenge
  • achieve a goal


Step 2: What format will your lead magnet be in?

It’s a good idea to align your lead magnet with your end product. If you offer coaching online via Zoom then you could consider offering a freebie that’s in video format. It’s giving a taster of what a session looking at you is like! If you are a blogger, you want people to read your blog, so I would offer something of value they can read – either PDF perhaps or even an area on your website that isn’t linked, or in a menu, or it might be password protected.

You can film and record yourself using a free account on Zoom if you are struggling for software.

You can create beautiful PDFs on Canva.

You also need to think about the goal or challenge you are assisting with. Can you help them with this in the format that aligns with your product or business?


Step 3: Create your lead magnet

It’s now time to get creative. Spend time on creating your lead magnet. It could be a PDF covering 10 ways to connect with other XXX, or it could be a video where you talk people through a technique.

Here’s a guide to a format you could use;

  1. Introduce yourself briefly and explain how the lead magnet will help them. Tell them how they will FEEL differently after using the freebie. (Feelings are powerful in copy writing)
  2. Explain how to use the lead magnet – give clear instructions.
  3. Your lead magnet main content.
  4. Summarise how the lead magnet should have helped
  5. Give more information on yourself and what you do. A good biography section would work well.
  6. Give a link to your website, product/service, blog, Facebook Group (where ever you’d most like them to visit)
  7. Put social media links to finish


4. Step 4: Deliver your lead magnet

Now you have your lead magnet it’s time to deliver it. I really like MailChimp for my email provider, it’s a bit clunky at first, but once you know what you’re doing it’s fine. Depending on your website provider these steps may vary.

Follow these steps to deliver your lead magnet.

  1. Upload your lead magnet to your website’s media section
  2. Create 2 pages on your website. A sign up page and a download/completion page.
  3. First you will design the download/completion page. This is where people land after they have signed up. I would thank them for their download/subscribing/signing up then give them the content. You can put your content directly on this page, as in typing it out on there. You can embed your video/webinar. You can put a link to download a PDF and attach the PDF from your website media. I would also put more information on this page such as any special offers, or to follow you on social media. You could place links to other blog posts of interest. Just deliver some value to them and get them to know your business a little better.
  4. Go to MailChimp and in your main list set up a group. MailChimp give full instructions on how to do this here.
  5. Go to campaigns in MailChimp and set up a new campaign that automatically delivers when a subscriber gets added to a group. Note if you have an email that goes out from your main list, this is going to mean they get two different emails? Do you want this? The solution is to either have an entirely separate list for your freebie – but that means people could be on two lists which means you’re not tracking data effectively. Or you can turn this main email off, and just have emails be delivered depending on what group they end up subscribing to.
  6. You will want to set up the first email that sends the “here is your lead magnet” email. In this email again thank them for signing up. You can give them the link to the completion page on your website. Sending them over to your website is good as we want traffic going there right! You might want to include some info about you and your social media channels on here. Give them a call to action such as “follow me on Insta”.
  7. Back on your website you need to complete the sign up page. Make sure you explain what the freebie is and why it’s of benefit to them on this page (again think of how they feel after they have used the freebie). Then embed a form to sign up. The form needs to be able to handle assigning your Mailchimp group to subscribers. On WordPress I recommend this Yikes plugin for this task. It’s a free plugin. It not only assigns people to groups, but it can then redirect them to your completion page so it’s a nice smooth process. Set this up to pop the person in the right group on Mailchimp and to redirect to your completion page.

And that’s all you need to do to deliver your freebie!


Step 5: Promote your lead magnet

Your are now in a position to tell the world about your lead magnet. Here’s some methods of promotion that are totally free for your lead magnet;

  1. Tell people on social media about it
  2. Put a link in your website menu
  3. Drop it in Facebook Groups
  4. Put a link on the bottom of your emails
  5. Pin it to the top of your Facebook page and Twitter profile
  6. Create headers for Facebook and Twitter that advertise it and tell people to go to the pinned post
  7. Tell your current email list about it (give them extra value as well!)
  8. Create a popup to tell people about it
  9. Get a chatbot on Facebook that tells people about it
  10. Write blog posts that have something to do with the topic of your lead magnet and link the page where they can sign up
  11. Create pins for it and pin them in Pinterest, particularly on group boards for the biggest reach.
  12. Use a program such as Unsocialise that messages new followers on Instagram and gives them the link your lead magnet.


I hope this helps you get started with your lead magnet! If you want any help with this drop into my free Facebook group here. Or if you’d like even more structure to understand how to implement this with maximum effect consider my Profit Kick Start program where we cover this and lots lots more!

A way to really maximise the effectiveness of your lead magnet is to follow up with a good email campaign after they have signed up. Whether you are a blogger or you sell services or products, this is the way to get leads and income coming into your business. Consider this free 10 day challenge to help you set this up.

I’d love to see your lead magnets! Feel free to drop them in the comments below!!