How to create an email sequence to turn new subscribers to customers

You’ve created an epic lead magnet. You have people subscribing and the list is growing. Brilliant. But what now? How do we turn these new email subscribers into customers? There’s a few things we need to concentrate on and I will go through those so we can turn your new subscribers to customers in no time!

What do we want our email sequence to do?

I know you will be familiar with this. You sign up for a freebie, then you await the barrage of emails trying to sell you something. This is the exact wrong way to do it. Let me guess – you unsubscribed? Sent them to spam? You certainly didn’t engage with them right.

The modern consumer has got very savvy. The know after they get the freebie they’re likely going to be sold to. So spammy sales tactics do not work. And who wants to be spammy anyway?

Let’s focus on what we need our email sequence to do;

  • Raise brand awareness for our business. Our audience need to fully understand what we stand for and who we are.
  • Build a connection. Once they understand who we are and what we offer, they know if they feel a connection to our business. If they feel like we answer a need – but more than that, if they feel connected to our style, then they’re happy to see more. Put this into practice, you really like the tips someone is sharing, but they are very girl and pink, and you really dislike all things pink. So you’re probably not going to connect with the business for very long.
  • Educate about our products/services/blog. We want to help the audience understand exactly what we’re offering. Did you know that often people don’t buy because they don’t feel clear on exactly what’s being offered.
  • Objection handle. We need to think about the reason people won’t buy our products/services or even click through to our blog, and give them a reason to do so. Before they even think about buying/clicking, you have made sure they are totally comfortable in their decision to buy when they do. For example, people may not buy because of cost. A classic way to handle this is to show the person that although there is a cost now for a product/service, they will benefit and get far more back. I know from my stats that people typically get 4-10x more profit after going through my Profit Kick Start program, so I can legitimately say it’s worth it as you’ll make the money back and more. This is classic objection handling.

This is known as nurturing your audience.

Think back to that inbox of spam. They just bombarded you with BUY NOW! Lazy!! Pure and utter laziness! Laziness, greed and also desperation. And as I always say. The desperate sales person never sells.

So we’re going to do things another way. A non spammy, non desperate way. Here’s a sequence you might like to try.

Email 1 in your sequence

Email 1 is going to follow the welcome email. I suggest sending this one within a few hours to a about 3 days after the welcome one. We don’t want to bombard them, but as a new subscriber, we want them to remember us. In this email I want you to include the following;

  1. Extra value. Give a few more tips, share a blog post, just give them something extra that costs the reader nothing. This sets the tone. You are not trying to sell to them. You are giving them even more! Aren’t you the good guy!!
  2. Tell people a little about your business, who are you, what you do and how you will make a difference to their life. Think about the readers feelings. For example, you could say “read my blog for travel tips”. Now let’s upgrade this copy. Try “grab yourself cup of tea and a comfy spot, I’m giving you the secrets all good travellers know. Get ready to experience the best of the countries you visit. Feel confident and ready to embrace cultures, have new experiences and meet wonderful people. Check out my tips here.” You could shorten this to the last two sentences, but I wanted to really set the scene!
  3. Make sure you include links to your website/blog, and all your social media channels.

Email 2 in your sequence

Wait 3-5 days after the previous email to send this one. Include the following;

  1. Try to give something of value again. Think about the readers goals or challenges in relation to your business. You could write something about how they can overcome a challenge or achieve a goal. You could even link to a great Instagram post, or even a blog post on someone else blog. Show them that you are not expecting anything from them. They can trust opening your emails.
  2. If you have products or services, talk about why you offer them. Why does it matter to you? How will they make a difference to the readers life? Don’t say buy now, just link the product within the text. If you are a blogger and your income is say affiliate links, then you could link to a blog post and say why you wrote the blog post. Think of your blog post as your product. For example, “I started Profit Kick Start as I really wanted to give new business owners a way to quickly get their business profitable in a really simple way. I hated seeing other program providers trying to increase confusion to get sales, so this is my way of combating that.”
  3. Make sure you include links to your website/blog, and all your social media channels. Give them a call to action to follow you on one of them that you are focusing on growing.

Email 3 in your sequence

Wait another 3-5 days as you prefer to send this email. Your email provider, such as Mailchimp, should have automatic sequences you can set this up in.

In this email we’re going to include the following;

  1. Something of value – yes again! You know why!
  2. This time we’re going to talk about your reader. We want them to think about how their life would be different if they used your product/service/blog. You can do this using testimonials. You can also include a section that talks to them about one of the following; if they don’t do things differently what will change; or if they by your product what will be different. Put them in the shoes of the your customer and let them know how their life will be better.
  3. Make sure you include links to your website/blog, and all your social media channels. Give them a call to action to follow you on one of them that you are focusing on growing.

Email 4 in your sequence

Again 3-5 days after the last email. I would now give an advertisement for your product/service. To maximise the potential of this email it can help to give them a time based offer if that’s an option in your website. So a discount for a certain number of days, or an extra product. This can work well if you are a blogger with an affiliate income. Tell them you will give them an extra product if they purchase what ever it is on your affiliate link in the next 5 days for example. You could create a little eBook for example to go with it.

Make sure that you not only explain the features of your products (eg “1 hour sessions”, or “an online program”) but explain the benefits to them as well. Explain to them in terms of how they feel if they use the product/service.

It’s a good idea to link this email to a high converting landing page. This will help your conversion rate and get you more sales.

This whole process is now automated. You should be getting more social media followers across the different channels, sales should start coming in and engagement should increase. Don’t worry if you get any unsubscribers. This is normal – we can’t be for everyone and they just aren’t your customers.