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Okay...I'll level with you...I'm tight! As in I will not spend money on anything I don't have to. So when I found out that hashtags could reach 100's of my customers for free.... I was sold!

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    Fed up of no engagement on your posts? You post, and try to get comments and at best you get a spammy comment, a comment from your sister and a few people following you to unfollow a few days later.. (highly frustrating I know!!)

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    How are other people not only getting followers  - but actually making sales?
    How exactly are they doing it? Spending money on ads? In Facebook engagement groups (follow for follow etc)? Witchcraft?!

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    Do you feel like instagram just doesn't work for you? or you spend time on it and get nothing back?
    We have so little time, we need every second to count right. If it's not giving you something back, you just can't justify it. But wait you need more sales, so what do you do?


Here's how putting your heart in your hashtags can help....

5 steps that will take you through a hashtag strategy to attract customers easily and for free!

Step 1


Discover who your audience is, where they are on Instagram and what hashtags will attract them to you.

Step 2

Your Brand

Learn how to bring your brand into your Instagram strategy with ease and with instant results.

Step 3

Get Prepped

Find out how to save time with your strategy and use my unique formula for hashtag success.

Step 4

Get Posting

You'll find out exactly how to use your hashtags to get immediate results - get engagement and new followers.

Step 5

Measure Success

Find out not just how your hashtags are performing, but how your strategy is resulting in sales!

Bonus Items + Resources

All my best tools!

And if the 5 steps and my unique formula weren't enough for you, I've got 10+ bonus resources throughout the course!

About little old me!

Mum, tea drinker, obsessed with my businesses and all round Instagram fanatic. I discovered Instagram was the number one source of sales for my handmade business, in fact we didn't need to post anywhere else to get our sales! And my love affair with Instagram began! ​

At the time I'd been fighting on Facebook to be seen. SEO was so time consuming and Pinterest takes a while to pay off. Out of options I turned to Instagram and just started posting. Bit by bit I took advantage of all their in-built tools and before I knew it the account was growing every single day and sales were flying in.

When I cracked my formula for hashtags (after multiple spreadsheets and endless tracking!) I started repeating it on other businesses - and it worked every time. We saw the specific customers the businesses wanted following the account and not only that, they wanted to buy the products!

“I love it that a free inbuilt tool can generate sales for businesses!”

Heart to Hashtag What You'll Get...

9 lessons chock full of everything you need to develop your own hashtag strategy and start attracting your ideal customer .

Want worksheets, PDF printables, checklists, homework, videos... It's all included to help you get what you need from the course

Online access to my VIP learning area. You can login on any device from anywhere to keep up with your learning! 


What People Are Saying...


THE COURSE is HERE to help us succeed...

“This course has truly change my way of thinking because it is so down to earth and inclusive, it has been a real joy to go through every step. Hannah's delivery of the course is so different to any other online courses I have tried and given up on after the first section. I think that is because of Hannah, her personality is infectious, she is relatable, down to earth and passionate. It feels like she is actually holding our hands through this and her goal is to help us succeed, it’s not just about making money”

Annie Davis, (Artisan)



“I followed Hannah's hashtag advice. Something I never really understood or thought would benefit my brand. HOW wrong could I be. The results speak for themselves. Happy to show anybody the results. 100% over the moon. Val @craftsoutrageous”

Val Robinson (Handmade Business)

And I really want you to succeed, because I'm super nice like that  ; ) so here's a few extras goodies...

Free Personally Curated Hashtags

I have personally curated over 100 hashtags for 6 different niches, and will keep adding more as needed! Find hashtags for small businesses, female entrepreneurs and women in business, freelance writers, handmade businesses and more!

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