3 Simple Hashtag Tips To Get More Customers Quickly

Hashtags are your secret weapon to find your ideal customer and get them interested in your business. I wanted to give you three quick and easy hashtag tips to get started on this that you can implement straight away.

Hashtag Tip One – If you are experiencing “follow/unfollow” on Instagram – it’s your hashtags.

Accounts that follow then unfollow you quite quickly after are only after a follow from you. (If it’s worth anything, my advice is to follow them back if you like them and find value in the account – don’t if you don’t! You don’t have to follow anyone you don’t want to!)

The accounts that do this have picked up your account with a bot from hashtags you have used when you have posted. Generally, to automate things, they’ll choose what I call a “high level” hashtag. This means it has a lot over results. Usually over 1 million. Therefore the more high-level hashtags you use, the more follow/unfollow activity you will generally see.

hashtag logo mug on a desk

Hashtag Tip 2 – You post and get no engagement – it’s your hashtags (amongst other things)

Hashtags, used well, can bring your ideal customer straight to you. You can’t underestimate what getting your hashtags right can do for your account. I have a set formula for my hashtags that I have found to work really well through experimenting, and my hashtags have to meet certain criteria to be used. It’s worth spending time now on the right hashtag for them to pay off in the long haul. Basically, check each hashtag to make sure it’s not got too many results. Check the images that come up for it, how would your images sit in these results.

We had a recent incident where one of the ladies on my hashtag course was using a particular hashtag to sell her lamps. It sounded perfectly innocent – however when she checked it… it ended up being about nude shots balancing a lampshade on body parts!! Oops! So always check your hashtags!

Of course, your lack of engagement can be down to a few other things. Your account might not be streamlined and set up to take advantage of Instagram’s inbuilt features, you could be using banned hashtags…

Hashtag tip 3 – Post not being seen at all and engagement utterly, next level, dead… it’s your hashtags!

For some reason, people like to put pictures of themselves naked on the internet. I’m not judging. I mean no one would want to see what I’ve got going on here, but there you go!! Anyway, people will do this under a certain hashtag and then Instagram will “ban” the hashtag because it gets reported lots of times. Go check out “lean”. Head over to Instagram, click the little magnifying glass search tool and just type “lean”. Notice how #lean doesn’t appear. Hell, I’m even scared to write it! It’s like saying Voldemort out loud! Well, we believe that if you use hashtags like this Instagram prevents your post being seen. Basically, you’ve just auto-tagged your post as a nudie! Again…oops!

Hashtags are banned for lots of reasons – nudity, hate, just general bad inappropriate crap! Get ahead on your hashtag game and your account is primed for success!

Prime your account for success, and take a look at Insta Business Bloom – that’s designed to help your account…blossom! Get your account streamlined for growth and attracting your ideal customer in a very non-spammy kinda way! You can also try my Heart To Hashtag course, where I help you build your own hashtag strategy. You can see some results from this here…

In the first picture from Val at @craftsoutrageous, you can see the post has 23 views from hashtags.

Val used my research method and my hashtag strategy and got immediate results the next time she posted. She hit 354 new extra customers in just one post! What would 354 new potential customers mean to you?

I hope this has helped and make sure you do your hashtag research!!