Gain followers who are in love with your business

Followers who are in love with your business, are no longer followers. They are customers. For once they trust you and show loyalty to your business, that’s all you need to get them to invest in you. From the smallest item to a premium service, this fact doesn’t doesn’t change.

But the question is how do we get total strangers who have never even heard of us to become customers?

Exposure to your brand

It is recognised that it takes a number of contacts with your business for someone to make the decision to buy from you. I’ve seen different numbers from 3 to 21 depending on the study you read. I tend to work on 7 contacts. This could be checking out your social media, so each post counts as one. Viewing your blog, receiving an email or even a meeting with you (in person or virtually). We can get to this number by consistently producing content and getting it out there.

Get your brand message out there as much as possible.

Understanding your business product and purpose

It’s said that one of the main reasons people don’t buy a service or product is because they don’t understand it in some way. Not only can you use your content to get the sale in the first place – e.g spark the interest, but you can use it in a well rounded approach to objection handle. You can aid the understanding of what you do.

Now that the person is no longer new to your business, let’s say they’ve followed you on social media. We now have the opportunity to have further conversation with them. Maybe you could get them to read a blog post, or even just more social media posts. We want them to get to know all about you. Use your content to build rapport. Lengthier style posts, even story telling will go a long way to build a relationship.

Use this opportunity to clearly show what you do, how you do it and why. Clear any confusion now!

Give them value

Think about giving your followers value of some kind. Can you help them overcome a challenge of some sort? Help them reach a goal? If you can be of some use to your followers, you’re going to build that trust up even more. This is going to further the relationship – and also add to the number of contacts with you!

If you can find a way to swap something of value with an email address even better!!

You’re now in a position to make them a customer

We had the necessary number of contacts (remember different for each business, each individual and each product/service offered – many variables!), we’ve positioned the brand and they understand completely what we do. They’ve even had something that has really helped them achieve or overcome something. They love seeing us pop up in their feed. They know what we give is usually really useful or entertaining.

When we now offer a product or service to them, they are more than willing to invest. They look back and see what they have had from you for free, imagine how good this is going to be as a paid for/premium product.

They will be happy to purchase at this stage. And that’s an overview of how to turn strangers into customers! If you want more help with this for your business, including the templates and copy I use. (Copy that recently achieved 120 leads from Facebook in just 24 hours for one client!) then consider my 12 week online program – Profit Kick Start.