Branding from the heart

I believe there are two main ways to start a business, You see what will generate profit and go with that (head centred business) or you have a passion and you find a way to make money from it (heart centred business). If you can find a way to marry the two, then run with it at a very high speed!! In the main we’re generally in one camp or the other.

I’m a big advocate of heart centred businesses. It’s not that either is right or wrong. The main reason is that I personally find heart centred businesses easier to promote, create content for and to brand.

The reason being that it comes from within you. We’re not looking to please people we don’t really care about and try to fit in with them.

Where to start with branding from the heart.

When creating a brand that is heart driven we look internally. The best question I could ask you is why you do this? You may answer something like… “well Hannah, because I love to help people” But this is the effect of your “why”. I want you to go another level down. Why do you love to help people. You’re still kind of making it about them there. Why do YOU do what YOU do. Why does helping people or making them happy matter to you. What difference does it make to your life?

That’s what you need to tap into.

Spread that message like Nutella on toast

And by that, I mean thick and often! (I’m a believer in having Nutella as often as possible obvs!!) Why you do what you do really counts. It shows people you care. It gives them a reason to trust you. You are laying what’s really a vulnerability out there for the world to see and saying here it is and I’m going to use it help you or make you happier in some way. That’s seriously powerful stuff! And people connect with that more than anything I know of!

Not only that you will feel proud of the content you produce when you invest so much heart into it. If you are talking honestly and directly from the heart when you write for your brand, you communicate a trustworthy, passionate, honest message that will resonate deeply with those you speak to.

How to develop that to the next step in your brand

I believe your “why” forms one of the major cornerstones in your brand. Depending on your business there’s a few other cornerstones that will help you make a profitable business that you feel passionate about and love, but we’ll get into those another time! When you have a well rounded brand that considers your “heart-centred-why” and you combine with it with other cornerstones, such as the difference you make in someone’s life, you naturally end up with a very strong foundation for your business.

Really consider a few elements to your brand and inject them into your business. This will help with your content and things like product or service creation.

hannah louise online logo
My logo – how to inject your brand into your image

We then go to the next step and “prettying up” the brand. Things like the colours and logo need to show who you are and what your brand stands for. For example I believe everything in business is a flow. Everything must work in synchronisation for the whole thing to work. I decided to have a circle in my branding and logo works for me to demonstrate that endless flowing between business elements. I chose flowers and plant to show the cycles of growth and the periods of blooming (business success). Plants were once a seed in the ground, not seen to the outside world, then before your very eyes they push through to the light and blossom in the most beautiful, yet delicate way. That to me is business, work behind the scenes on things like websites and lead magnets, resulting in a demonstration to the world of all that’s wonderful in your business.

We just need them to then pluck that flower!

I hope that helps you consider different aspects of your brand and how to incorporate what you’re passionate about into to it! I’d love to hear your take on how you developed your heart centred brand – do leave me comment below!