Hey there!

I'm Hannah Louise, mama to two gorgeous monsters and passionate about helping women achieve profitable businesses. You might wonder why this important to me? I've been stuck in office jobs I hated, I've missed my children, their assemblies, their parent's evenings. I've got up before the sun came and returned in the dark. My children long tucked up in bed. It's no life. I don't ever want to live that way again. So why should you?


That digital nomad life...

So Instagram would have us believe that those working behind laptops spend most of our tie in a far off sun kissed land with our laptops. I've discovered that I have actually got epic at house work between emails so I'm not quite living that life! But hey I love it. Each to their own right!

But it's not all roses. It can actually be pretty tough if you don't know what you're doing.

The hard bits...

I've been there in past businesses. Wondering how to make it grow. Googling like a mad woman. Signing up to every freebie ever. Wondering how everyone else was doing it. How did they make that social media work for them. Skip ahead to now, a few marketing qualifications and businesses later. I've seen things from the other side!

I've seen strategies over complicated by other coaches just to make money from people. I see business coaching that costs the earth and can't be accessed by those who most need it.

I felt like I could see the missing puzzle piece... and I'm now determined to share it!

I've also noticed one thing is often missing from the advice you see. It often only deals with one part of the business without considering the rest of it and how it all works together a unit.

For example, you're not getting the number of customers you'd like from social media. You notice the engagement is low, so you research (and research...and research...) and decide to spend time working on hashtags. You then get stuck in this rut working on hashtags. In actual fact the hashtags aren't the problem. It could well be your brand. People aren't clear on your message. It's failing to deliver on social media.

If your brand is the issue, I can say with 100% certainty, more than Instagram is being affected! We have to work on the foundations (e.g your brand), to allow your business to flow. Once you allow it to flow.. it will grow!!

I've seen it time and time again. We straighten out the basics and your business gains a new life that propels it to customer-central!


I followed Hannah's specific method to gain interest in my coaching program. Within 24 hours I had over 100 leads. More than I actually knew what to do with!

Karen May

Transition Coach


Hannah showed my how to use Instagram for my business. Within 4 months I had 10 times the number of followers and my profits were 4 times what they were before I started the program.

Jenny Evans
Instagram Handmade Business


I had covered the cost of the program and more within 1 month. I thought branding was just my colour scheme and at last I feel like I know what I'm supposed to be putting on social media!

Lucy Singleton
Virtual Assistant

What you looking for?

A business that brings in the money you need each month?

(I'm talking more than just paying those bills. I'm talking that holiday you're after)

Control over the hours you want to work

Work you truly feel passionate about

To feel confident and knowledgeable in what you need to do to get the customers/clients you need?

Do not give up

and you also need to stop questioning yourself. I have seen person after person (after person) come to me, close to giving up. You either think you can never leave that job you hate, or you're going to have to take a part time job very soon. You are far from alone. Nearly every woman I've every coached has come to me because they're at that point, and it's coaching with me or giving up. As yet I have seen one business fail when the foundations are in place.


  •   Increased income - Typical results are 3-4 time current income
  •   Increased social media engagement - with far less time spent on social media
  •   Sell out your next launch - no more crickets, just plenty of lovely delicious sales!
  •   More leads than you know what to do with - I'm not actually joking. One of my clients nearly got blocked on Facebook because of the number of DMs she needed to reply to. Get used to it!

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Let's get honest with each other. I have a theory... Hear me out... If you see a picture of someone stood in front of a boat telling you they earn 6 figure months. It's bullsh*t. If they earned that much, they'd be on the boat! That's not quite what you're after anyway. You really want the simple things. Working from where you want. Whether that's home, travelling or just your nan's house.

You've seen the 6 figure thing so many times, you now it's rubbish and not at all helpful. By the way Susanne in that group isn't getting 15K people visiting her site a month. And even if she is, what income is she making from that? I can assure you if it's a good one, it's not traffic numbers she'd be boasting about!

The point is, you need something real, that's actually going to make a difference to your business. You're not afraid to work hard. You get this isn't going to happen overnight. You just need it to happen!

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