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3 simple steps to turn strangers into happy paying customers

It would be amazing if upon the first contact to our business, a person decided “yes it’s for me” and made an instant purchase! Whilst this can happen, it’s not the norm. The good news is that it’s not luck or magic that people buy from us. They actually go through a series of steps before committing to a purchase.

All we need to do is to align ourselves with these steps and make sure our business nurtures people through them. Let’s take a look at what we need.


First and foremost our business needs to be primed for success. Our brand is one of the first things I like to focus on. Branding goes beyond your colour scheme, fonts and a pretty logo. Branding is how you tell people what you stand for, why you do what you do. It’s a sense of if you are a fit for their personality, their wants and likes, their life.

Let me give you an example. Think of a business that is not very environmentally conscious in it’s approach, so, for example, they sponsor a company that is causing a lot of damage to the environment, they have pictures of them taking private jets everywhere, the head honcho regularly hunts and has just posted pictures to his personal profile of a lion he’s killed (extreme – but you catch my drift!). If you were a vegan and you were really conscious about a plastic free lifestyle, you would know instantly this isn’t a business for you. Even if they offered a product which was absolutely everything you could possibly need, you probably wouldn’t buy from them.

So our brand really positions us to our ideal customers. This is another block in a strong foundation. A very deep awareness of who you plan to serve. Beyond this is “Sarah, 37, City dweller, likes cats”.

Once you have your brand, your ideal customer we then have the third component of our business to consider – our content.

Your content is everywhere Any words and pictures that relate to your business are your content. From social media posts to copy selling your products. It all must speak deeply from the heart of your brand to your ideal customer.

These three elements must flow and work in synergy. Once they do, you have the foundation to your business that will enable you to sell.


We’ve got our solid base in place, now it’s time for you to get out in the world. We need to reach out and have conversations with people interested in our business as much as possible. Why? Because this keeps a connection with people and will build trust and rapport. Once somebody trusts your business, they are then ready to buy.

How do we connect? Social media, emailing, blogging, videos, maybe even in person. Put your content in front of people as much as possible.


So let’s recap, people are clear on our brand and business message, they now know who we are, what we stand for and they have had several positive connections with our business.

Now we give them an offer. We know what they need help with, so we offer them a solution. You help them overcome or achieve something. Couple that with a few neat tricks such as the scarcity factor. They can only get it for so long, you are only selling ten of them, that kind of thing.

If you think about it, if you’ve given them a ton of value for free. You’ve already made a positive difference in their life. Now you offer the premium product, their brain says “hang on, if we got all that for free, imagine what we’re going to get in the paid product!”.

I hope this helps you understand what you need to do to convert people from strangers to customers. It really isn’t luck, all you have to do is have the right set up in your business and it should do the work for you!

If you found this of value and you’d like me to guide you through this process for your business, including the exact structure, copy and set up you need for this to happen, check out my Profit Kick Start program, designed to help you achieve a full-time business in 3 months.

We ensure your solid foundations are in place, then build the structure up so that your business is a conversion machine churning out happy customers!

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