Get your hair in a messy bun...

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Hey Lovely!

I'm Hannah Louise, your friendly neighbourhood Business Strategist! I always say that I'm a strategist and not a coach because I'm the one who'll tell you how to grow your business and get customers. I'm not the one who's going to stroke your hair and ask you how you're feeling! (You're feeling great by the way because we got your business kicking ass!)

You want a business that your heart and soul are invested in, where you get to inject your creativity and passion, and where you get to call the shots with your own damn time! I get that you HAVE to make this business work because leaving your job or not having to go back to a crappy one is a HUGE motivator! But it's not easy is it? The marketing and sales side of things is a little more tricky than you originally anticipated right?

Let's Get Serious...

But not too serious - we gotta have some fun...

(fun is what my Insta stories are for, right?!)

Business is a flow, from your heart to the hashtags,

everything must work together for you to grow.

(I'm a poet and I didn't know it!)

Branding from the heart

Branding is so much more than just the colours you use, it's the very essence of your "why" injected into your business

Content that speaks to your very soul

Oh your content has a huge job! It's the sales person at the front of the business bringing in the moolah. Your content has got to be rocking for sales to come a knocking!

Marketing that is definitely not spammy

Hands up who has a "Spammy Pammy" in their Facebook or Insta feed? You know the one, constant posts about how they are a boss babe and how we need to buy the latest product to lose 27lbs in an hour....

Followers who love everything you stand for

I get that half the battle is getting some bloody engagement and followers in the first place, but I have few tips and tricks for that and it becomes the easy bit. How then do we move them from giving us a like to parting with their credit card number?

Content builds relationships. Relationships build trust. Trust builds revenue.”

You kinda just want... 
someone to show you what to do...

Between guessing and Googling, it's a wonder we get anything done right? I know you just want someone to show you how to bring it all together in your business! You don't have time for guesswork. You want to get money in and quick! Want me to show you how?

Your time is precious...
live it by your design

There was a time that I thought being a master of my own schedule would lead to lengthy dog walks in the sun and hours of yoga and coffee with the girls.... Some how I've become an epic house wife and the master of school runs! Not quite sure how that happened! But my point is you should be free to design your life as you choose. You get one life. You should live it how YOU decide!

What Others Say...


Hannah was there at a time when I really needed some direction and support with my business. She helped me uncover my target audience and implement successful strategies to gain more clients.

Megan Airey 

/ Personal Stylist & Life Coach


Hannah was fantastic during our program in January this year. She knows her stuff and how to share it to benefit others! Thanks Hannah!

Jackie Cassidy 

/ Craft Business Owner


After completing Hannah's program , my Instagram grew from 270 to 2700. The relationship with my followers is so good that my profits are 4 times what they were! All this in 4 months!

Jenny Evans
Instagram Handmade Shop

It's time to stop with all the confusion

Many things in life confuse me, mint and chocolate for one (I just don't like them together!! Separate is fine!) But business does not. You see the thing is, everyone wants you to buy into their little way of doing ALL the things, so you end up with 50 million ways to run your business as a whole.

50 million ways and 1 big headache.

What if there was just a simple overall solution and plan?

Hannah Louise

Mama to two gorgeous monsters, I love working from home to fit my work around my family life. Some live the laptop life to be a nomad, exploring the furthest reaches of the globe. I do it to stay on top of the washing and for school runs and plays! Each to their own, hey!!

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